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10 Things John Wesley Would Hate About You

I happened to come across a funny (and interesting) article on John Wesley by a recent biographer of him.  It’s entitled: 10 Things You’d Hate About John Wesley and 10 Things He’d Hate About You.  It’s a pretty comical read that shares some lesser known facts about him while educating you about the kind of man that founded primitive Methodism.

Here’s a sample to whet your appetite:

1. Despotism – Even Wesley’s own preachers called him "Pope
John". He ruled his followers like an enlightened despot, and his
beloved brother Charles plotted to "break his power". John expected
every Methodist society to follow his rules like a McDonalds franchise,
and took personal charge over every member’s private life, expelling them
for laziness or selling spirits.

2. Superstition – He saw rain storms as God’s punishment on
him – or the Devil’s attack. He made decisions by opening the Bible at
random for God’s guidance, and even decided whether to marry by pulling
bits of paper out of a hat.

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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