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A Brief Camp Review

It was a great camp. In my many years of being a camper, a staff person, and running camps, it was my very favorite camp of all time. It was that good. It was that good on so many levels. It really was great. Thank you for every act of service, every encouraging word, every single thing you did to make this camp happen. I am humbled to see your hearts and watch God work in and through each person who came to camp. I can’t say enough good about it and I am thankful for all that the Lord did. Thank you MAD, kitchen, boats, kidz, grunt, staff, band, speaker. It was tremendous.

It is pretty amazing to look back and see all that God did at camp.  Please spend time over the coming days thanking God for all that He did at camp. Continue to pray for lasting fruit and true heart change in each person that came to camp.

We love you all,

Author: Shawn Farrell

Shawn leads the college ministry and serves as an elder at Faith Bible Church

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