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Worth Reading

#WorthReading №6

Still more articles from around the internet that are worth your time reading…

Encouraging Parents of Prodigals – “when children fall away the parents can feel like failures and may sense judgement from other Christians”

4 Simple Ways Fred Elliot Discipled His Children – “A simple faith lived out sincerely in front of your children will likely leave a stronger impression than a complex theology devoid of an intimate relationship with the Savior.”

A Note to Christian Men – four ways that men can fight the urge to look lustfully at a woman

The Anatomy of Sexual Sin – “we have lost sight of what a terrible offense sexual sin is in the eyes of God.”

Kentucky clerk ordered to court after refusing to issue gay-marriage licenses – just a month ago, we heard from the pulpit that this day would come, yet it has arrived even more quickly than expected

Author: John Pleasnick

John serves as a pastor and elder at Faith Bible Church

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