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Use Facebook Missionally

I want to encourage you to use Facebook missionally. 

I have recently been surprised by the affect of having unsaved family and friends as “friends” on Facebook.  It’s cool how they are able to see on a daily basis how important Jesus and the Gospel are to me.  Consider how your unsaved friends and family are able to “spy” on you.  I find that I am able to put things on my statuses and notes that would offend them in person or if I emailed it them, but they can’t complain when they read it on their feed because after all they were kind of spying on me in the first place 🙂

Obviously this does not in any way remove the need for me to personally share the Gospel with them (or risk offending them).  But it does offer a supplement to the evangelism process.  It allows them to see into my life in a way that is not threatening to them and gives them extended exposure to the Gospel.

Anyway, the point is: 1.) Get a Facebook account if you don’t have one, 2.) Add unsaved friends and (especially) extended family, 3.) Make your statuses and posts strategic for the Kingdom.  They are watching…..  Facebook missionally!

For those of you who are new to Kaleo, FBC or Facebook, mine is at: (I would be happy to add, so please request it), the Kaleo Facebook group page is here and the FBC Facebook group page is here (please become a member).

But more importantly do steps 2 and 3 above and let’s follow Paul’s lead and “become all things to all people, that by all means [we] might save some…and do all for the sake of the Gospel” (I Cor 9:22b-23a).  Including Facebook.

Author: Erick Cobb

Erick serves in leadership at Covenant Grace Church, having previously led FBC's college ministry.

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