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TXT: Fighting Censoriousness as the World Declines

Question: If the general path of society continues to decline as expected,  what practical ways should we as believers demonstrate unconditional love, rather than judging?
(NOTE: This TXT question has been reworded a bit from the original to clarify what was asked.)


During last Sunday’s message, we learned that “judging” the sinfulness of those not in the faith (non-believers) is not our job!  1 Cor 5:9-13 illustrates this point clearly.  In this helpful  passage, the Apostle Paul is dealing with unrepentant sexual sin in the church. He states that believers can and should confront a professing believer who stubbornly refuses to confess and repent of sexual immorality (Gal 6:1; Matt 18:15-20).

However, he makes a very clear point of distinguishing between judging those in the church and “the immoral people of this world” (1 Cor 5:10).  Paul emphatically declares that we are not to  judge the behavior of those outside the faith (1 Cor 5:10). Apparently the church at Corinth misapplied Paul’s teaching about separating from an unrepentant brother caught up in sexual sin and refused to have contact with the unsaved. So they stopped contact/relationships with the very ones that need the gospel shown and shared with them and instead tolerated the sinning brother in their midst! (1 Cor 5:11)

The unsaved of this world are already under the judgment of God (John 3:17-18)! They need the gospel, not self-righteous moralism.  We must purpose in our heart to show the love and  power of God’s transforming grace by befriending those who’re caught up in the  empty cares and pleasures of this world.  We are called to show God’s love through giving our time, talent and resources toward the unsaved whom we interact with in our personal context (work, neighborhood, school, sports/recreational activities, etc.)

Get to know your neighbors and co-workers.  Become their friend.  Be creative about displaying the love and kindness of Christ. Bring them a useful gift (like a new plant for the garden or a gift certificate to Home Depot!)  Invite them out for coffee or over to watch the big game …as your friendship grows, show and share the love of Christ in real and tangible ways… and when the time is right share your testimony – and most importantly, share the gospel of grace (1 Peter 3:15), pray for them regularly and invite them to FBC!

“For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same?  If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the unsaved do the same? Therefore, you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt 6:46-47)

Author: Peter Spiers

Peter is an executive with CFA, a national healthcare consulting firm, and invests all his off-work time into his church and his family. He is faithful to invest his life into men and loves to see people transformed by God's Word.

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