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Youth Summer Camp – Day 2 Report

Dinner Saturday night was meatballs and pasta – this is NOT camp food – it is LUXURY! Everyone loves it. Then some free time to talk and fellowship and get to know each other [and for me to take some pictures too]

Saturday evening was a strong message from the book of James on genuine faith versus phony faith and led right into a LONG ‘TENT’ time with students and staff discussing what has been taught now in the first three sessions.  We are trusting God to do a great work, so thank you again for your prayers.

The MAD crew continues to excel with great attitudes and hearts of love for the Lord and His people. Boat drivers are arriving and gearing up, set up construction guys continue to fix and design whatever is needed with happy hearts, security team continues to watch over the camp, the kids and helps others in many ways.

Sunday morning, everything [including cooking] shut down, so EVERYONE could come to the time of worship and time in the Word. We are thinking about you all gathering as FBC in Murrieta and I know you are all thinking about us as FBC gathering next to Lake San Antonio. Today’s message was on Revelation 2:1-7 on losing your first love and gaining your first love back. We continue to pray that God would work in the lives of the kids in a great way and are beginning to see some fruit.

For the rest of today, we go to OUR BEACH, an amazing cut off the lake that was a wonderful beach, a place to land boats, hang out, eat and gather to worship Sunday night. On the beach, we will have an ‘almost’ acoustic worship in praise time then a short look at Revelation 3:14-17 are you HOT, COLD or LUKEWARM and what that really means.

We love you all very much and are so thankful for your prayers


Camp Bike Jump

Author: Chris Mueller

Chris is the teaching pastor at Faith Bible Church - Murrieta.

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