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Youth Summer Camp – Day 1 Report

Camp is going great – KEEP PRAYING
Everyone arrived safe, camp was already set up, the set up building crew made things amazing, dinner was better than camp food has ever been, we experienced some start up problems with some electronics which caused a late start for the meeting, instead of 7, we started at 9 – but first meeting went well. Fun with Josh and Jon was great, a giant hit the gofer head as it pops up [with staff instead of gofers]; the band was amazing, great musicianship without overshadowing the fantastic words of key praise songs. The teaching was I Corinthians 15:1-11 on why you should believe in Christ – Please pray, there are a lot of unsaved kids here.

Wake up to Jon and Josh, then breakfast, tons of helpers have made the beginning of camp run seamlessly. Rod spoke to all staff and MAD crew [Mothers and Dads] about why we are here, loving God first. The Saturday morning meeting was split – junior high then high school met separately concerning true faith verses religion from John 3. Then we had a great fun game at another fantastic lunch. We just finished some great camp games – I will try to send some pics, though the internet service here is difficult.

Now is free time where staff are meeting with many students. The impact of our junior high and high school staff’s upon these students is amazing – pleading for their souls, modeling the faith, service and sacrifice, walking them through the Word on the issues they battle with and so much more. Even though many students come from GODLY homes, the effectiveness of their Spirit filled, dedicated ministry to these students is a HUGE blessing and having a great impact for God’s glory.

Keep praying
We love and miss the rest of you

Girls at Summer Camp

Author: Chris Mueller

Chris is the teaching pastor at Faith Bible Church - Murrieta.

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